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I hate that you are associated with death in my mind.

It feels so unreal still, to know that you are gone. Tomorrow it will be four months that you were taken from us, from the family, but it still hurts as if I just received the news. June 7, 2015. How my mind has combed through that day, with so many tears still burning my eyes and words that I'll never be able to say stuck in my throat. How could this have happened? You, out of all people in this world, never deserved this. You were a great father. An excellent husband. And an uncle I never deserved. You were always there for me, waiting for me to open up to you, because you loved me and you cared about me, even when no one wanted to believe how much I had hated myself in the past. You never pushed, but you let me know that you were a message away on Facebook, and that's all I needed.

Now, that message box is still empty. I can not bring myself to even think about messaging you now that you're gone. What's the point in doing it? You're not going to answer me. I took you for granted, I always thought you were going to be there, and now so many unsaid words, so many characters are untyped, that I will never be able to express to you. I stare at that empty message box and it strikes my chest every time with a pain so deep that I can not fathom it. I have to look at something else, or I'll be completely crushed. How long did you wait for me to talk to you? How long must you have wondered how I was really, truly doing?

The truth is, Mike, I'm still very unhappy. And I miss you with every breath that I take. I will go through the motions of the day, and my mind will blissfully be freed of the cloud that's in my heart. But then I'll look at something and it will remind me of you, or of your kids, or of my Aunt Beth who has been so strong here on Earth without you; I'll look at something and then I will remember everything, and my heart will ache for my family and the gaping hole that is there where you used to be. I cry for my grandmother, who is so close to death herself, and how she lost a son so precious to her. I'll think of my grandpa, who never cried, who shed so many tears when we had to close your casket. I think of my Daddy, and how he couldn't even look at you without crying, without holding onto me or my stepmom or one of my siblings. I think of your children, my cousins, and how I feel like I can never be enough to them, because you were the epitome of a father. I think of your wife, my Aunt Beth, who has lost the love of her life and how her strength has humbled me, because I am not like her.Your loss has hit everyone so hard. My eyes well with tears even as I type this, because I miss you so much sometimes that I forget how to even breathe. I feel like I can't even describe to others what it's like to lose you, because you were so much more than an uncle to me. You were like a father to everyone you encountered; you were funny, sarcastic, and so loving. Your heart knew no stranger. How can a world lose a soul so beautiful, and still continue on just like that? I am stuck. I am at a loss of words. Words that I will never be able to say to you.

Mike, I love you. I know I said it every time I saw you, and now I'm so glad I did. I am so thankful to know that my last words to you were "I love you, Mike". I am so glad to know I gave you one last hug. I am so glad that I got to see you make one last face at me when I was driving in my car, trying hopelessly to find a parking spot. I think I had stolen yours. Maybe that's why you gave me that look. Either way, I do not regret it. I am so sorry I took you for granted. I always thought I would have another day with you, another holiday with you, another hug from you. I never thought May 16, 2015 would be the last day I heard you say "love you, sweetie". I will miss hearing your voice, your sweaty hugs, hearing your laugh fill our houses where we now try to pick up the pieces of our shattered hearts. I miss you with everything I have. And I am so sorry.

Uncle Mike, I hope wherever you are, you can read this. I miss you a bunch. I hope to see you, one day. Until then.

Your loving niece, Allison
Dear Uncle Mike
I miss you so much it hurts.
.:Avatar Kaiya:. by Orthgirl123
.:Avatar Kaiya:.
"It was said that Avatar Kaiya was so in touch with the spirit of Raava that she mastered waterbending with her mind alone at the age of sixteen"

I'll post another edited version of her story later. I'm tired. But you know, this is my OC for Avatar. She's the third Avatar in the cycle, and the first female avatar. She was a very spiritual Avatar, often spending most of her time meditating on Raava and how her spirit intertwines with her power. Although she was spiritual, this did not necessarily mean she was a weak avatar; on the contrary, because of her disciplined nature and her relationship to Raava, her bending was so powerful that she could bend all four elements with only her mind, once she mastered the Avatar State. 

More info on her here:…


The unknown air nomad Avatar (after Avatar Wan) had ushered in a time of peace and prosperity as he divided the Air Nomads into four different parts of the world in order for peace to remain. Although time had passed since humans relied on the Lion Turtles, the nations still struggled with keeping contact with one another. Elders from across the world knew that the next Avatar would appear, and they concluded that the Water Tribe would hold the next Avatar for appearance. However, at the time, everyone thought that only a male could be the Avatar, so boys were being tested in their bending after a few short years after the Avatar's death. No one expected Kaiya.

Kaiya was born to a young couple in the Water Tribe, which had settled to the North near the sealed spirit portal. She and her twin sister, Huyana, were both gifted healers and incurable pranksters; their mischief was famous in the tribe. They were as close as two people could be; it was even believed that at times they could even share the same thoughts. One day, Kaiya and her sister were searching the spirit woods for the spirit portal when they came across a small pond with two fish circling each other: Tui and La. Huyana was intrigued by the pond, but Kaiya was transfixed, almost hypnotized by the way the fish moved. Her Avatar spirit was then triggered, and she slipped into the spirit world. Huyana, terrified, did not want to leave her sister, so she stood watch over her physical body as Kaiya reconnected with her past life. 

The past Avatar revealed to Kaiya that although she was a woman, she had been chosen to be the Avatar, and that her training must soon begin, for a great civil war was going to be in the future, and that only she could stop it from destroying the Water Tribe; she must be a fully realized Avatar. When Kaiya returned to her physical body, she and Huyana quickly ran to the Elders' Palace to announce Kaiya's identity. 

The Elders were immediately angered by this, convinced that Kaiya and her twin were playing a prank on them. They could not believe that of all people, especially a young teenage girl, could ever be the Avatar. They refused to train her as a water bender, and were going to banish both of the girls when Kaiya became angered and upset by their disbelief. She fell into the Avatar State and destroyed the Palace, almost killing the Elders, when Huyana grabbed her arms and brought her back to reality. After that, the Elders lamented and agreed to train Kaiya, but only in secret. The Water Tribe could not know of this devastating news, not until Kaiya became a fully mastered Avatar.

But Huyana could not believe this, and she wished to learn to use waterbending offensively. She trained with her sister in secret, using the moon's strength to energize their bending. When Kaiya had to leave her sister to learn from the other Nations, Huyana began to train other women in secret as well, teaching them the powers of their bending. When it was learned that Kaiya was the Avatar, the Water Tribe became separated by those who believed women should learn waterbending, and those who demanded that tradition be kept, and that women should only be healers. The chief of the Water Tribe thenceforth made it illegal for women to waterbend (except for healing purposes) and that any woman who was waterbending, and whoever taught or aided these women, were to be imprisoned. When the Elders and the chief had learned who was responsible for the start of the civil war (Huyana), they arranged her assassination. Huyana was killed by a band of warriors in the middle of one night.

Kaiya returned home from her training, only to find the Water Tribe in almost complete ruin. Half of the people had been wiped out because of the fighting, and most were either imprisoned or executed. She immediately went out to search for her sister, only to learn of the devastating news of her sister's murder. She found out about the band of warriors sent by the Elders, and she became so enraged that she again fell into the Avatar State, unshakeable of it in her grief. She killed most of the Elders in her passion, and almost annihilated the chief when she felt something; the hands of her sister pulling her back down to the ground. 

Avatar Kaiya, distraught, sought out solace in the spirit oasis, where she meditated and reconnected with Huyana's spirit, begging for her return and her guidance. Huyana said to her sister: "it was no mistake that you are the Avatar, Kaiya, and only you can find balance to restore the Water Tribe to its former glory." 

Kaiya was going to avenge Huyana and kill the chief when her past life, the unnamed air nomad, warned her of the dangers of killing him. It would only make her look like a tyrant instead of one that brings peace, and that many people still held to the belief that only women should learn healing, many of them women themselves. So Kaiya, taking the advice from her past life, found balance by splitting the Water Tribe into two counterparts: the Northern and the Southern. She led the Southern Water Tribe to the other sealed spirit portal, and balance was restored. To commemorate the day the tribes were split, the New Moon Celebration was created so that the sister tribes remained in contact, just as Kaiya and Huyana remained in contact, even beyond death. Kaiya, although had come to terms with her sister's death, showed no mercy to the people that took Huyana's life. The band of warriors that destroyed her sister were banished to the Earth kingdom to the remaining of the spirit wilds (now known as the Foggy Swamp). Kaiya became known for her unyielding strength and determination bring balance to the world. 

Fun fact: Fire was the hardest element for Kaiya to master. It was so hard to teach her, that she could only learn from a Dragon instead of the Sun Warriors.
Breathe by Orthgirl123
the only time i get on here anymore is to post art
i'm so sorry


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Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D

HI GUYS! So my 18th birthday is coming up, and I desperately need someone to draw my tattoo for me. YES, I WILL PAY YOU. Whatever cost it is (don't make it too expensive please) I would greatly love and appreciate it. I would like it to just be linework and basic shading. No coloring, just linework and shading. If you aren't a drawer (you're a writer on here or whatever) PLEASE get this message out to any of your artistic friends! I really don't want to draw the tattoo myself.

If you are interested, note me on here, or better yet, find me on Facebook (I'm currently Alberto Orth lol) and shoot me a message and I can give you the full details on what I want it to look like (I want it to resemble my father's tattoo) and sizing and all that.

Thank you so much guys. I love you :heart:

(something like this btw:…)

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Click the "How to..." button down below to see more things this CSS can do! If the bottom of your sidebar is not aligned with the bottom of the main text box, please remove extra linebreaks from the header! I cannot stress this enough! D:

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